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Bed Bug Extermination in San Antonio

It has always been our goal to 'change' the pest control industry as a whole.

Mainly by instilling honesty back into the profession. For far too long, large 

companies have been intentionally lying to consumers in order to charge them more. While on the other hand - the industry is flooded with thousands of 'one man and a van' operations diluting everything to simply put more cash in their own pockets. 

Everyday we make our best effort to give the control back to the consumer and take it away from the corporate companies and 'Lone Rangers' who are ONLY interested in themselves.

We will not 'follow the leader'. We ARE the leader!!  

We will always study the newest material and attend the most recent classes on any subject pertaining to pest control, to better serve our customers and the citizens of San Antonio/Schertz/Selma/Cibolo/New Braunfels....

Our Mission

               Bed Bug Experts of Texas (San Antonio & Austin Division)

                          "Absolutely NOBODY Kills BED BUGS Like We Do

              Because NOBODY knows Bed Bugs Like We Do - GUARANTEED "