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Our Patented Chemical Treatment is 100% Effective

We only put this info here for educational purposes (we do not provide this service yet). **We want to point out that DUE to all of the fires from the HEAT treatment - scientists went the other direction with temperature. 

While it certainly works if the bed bugs are hit directly (the same with Steam) does nothing for the bed bugs and eggs that are in hiding (which is the BIGGEST problem). 

We strongly oppose HEAT treatments for numerous reasons: 

  1. Homes have caught fire 70% of the time - so the treatment is un-insurable in Texas (see video below)
  2. Plan to pay over $2,000 with zero guarantee or recourse if it doesn't work
  3. Not always effective
  4. Comes with NO guarantee/warranty (you will sign a waiver if you insist on doing heat)
  5. You must remove all TV's, outlet covers, mini blinds, etc that are plastic.
  6. ​A license is not required to offer heat treatments (be extremely careful)
  7. Call for further details before considering HEAT treatment

COLD TREATMENT--The Cryonite machine sprays CO2 snow at -110º F.

Cryonite® The Newest Treatment For Bed Bugs 

  • Our Process comes with a 6 month Warranty because it continues to work (by leaving a residual) long after we treat.
  • Our process is 100% effective (each and every time) 
  • The products we use are EPA approved, safe, and specifically formulated to bed bugs