1. What method does your company use?

We use the Chemical Method. The Heat Method is no longer insurable nor is it a reliable method.

2. Is it safe/Do we have to leave?

Yes it is safe. No one needs to leave the home during or after treatment

3. What is your success rate?

We have maintained a 100% success rate for the past 15 years (including large scale / major infestations).

4. Why is the guarantee only 95 days?

We can only guarantee to rid you of your current infestation. It is impossible to guarantee against another

bed bug ever entering the location again (especially with the newest statics showing that 50% of the local

population will be effected by bed bugs this year). And EPA approved products only last 90 days. HOWEVER, we find excellent success in educating you

against having a repeat situation, as well as offering an on going Bed Bug Maintenance/Inspection package (every 3 months).  

5. Why does it cost so much?

Much like termites and termite treatments (average termite home treatment is around $1000), Bed Bug Treatments require certain knowledge, procedures, products, and 'time' to be successful. No generic

form of the correct products is available on the market yet (only name brand/high end products). Bed Bugs are the most unique insect on the planet.  

6. Why can't I kill them myself??

Over the counter products are ON CONTACT only solutions. You must hunt down every single bug and spray it

directly. NOTHING over the counter works on hatching eggs, regardless what the label claims. So you will need to wait until the eggs have hatched, to then locate those bugs to spray them directly as well. While you are waiting on the eggs to hatch, a sneaky bed bug that hid from ya, is off laying more eggs. It's a very vicious cycle. Our Professional products have a 'residual' effect (they continue working long after we spray them--anytime a bug comes in contact with our solution, it will die). 

7. What do I need to do to 'prep' for service? 

Very minimal. We will ask you to strip the beds of their bedding (sheets, blankets, etc) and launder them. 



               Bed Bug Experts of Texas (San Antonio Division)

                          "Absolutely NOBODY Kills BED BUGS Like We Do

              Because NOBODY knows Bed Bugs Like We Do - GUARANTEED "

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